"Stylistic versatility, clarity and passionate singing" - Birmingham Post

"In the middle of the last century The George pub in London’s Oxford Street was nicknamed “The Bloody Gluepot” by the conductor Sir Henry Wood who said that too many of his orchestra’s players got stuck there. The bohemian boozer also attracted composers and it’s their vocal music which is performed here. Very varied it is too from card-carrying communist Alan Bush’s passionate threnody for the victims of Lidice (the little Czech town obliterated by the Nazis) to that knight of the Celtic twilight Arnold Bax’s lush setting of the medieval carol 'I sing of a Maiden that is makeless'. E.J. Moeran and Peter Warlock – renowned for drinking all comers under the table – are at their pastoral sweetest in Songs of Springtime and The Full Heart, and works by Ireland, Walton, Delius, Rawsthorne and Lutyens complete the disc. Under Andrew Griffiths the choir reveal stylistic versatility, clarity and passionate singing."

Norman Stinchcombe, Birmingham Post (May 2018)