"Beautifully balanced singing" - first review for The Gluepot Connection

“Beautifully balanced singing from the Londinium chamber choir keeps texture clear and clean. Warlock's The Full Heart is a stand out, on its own worth the price of the CD."

"In Lutyens' Verses of Love (1970) to a text by Ben Jonson, long lines elide, sounds shimmering."

"This disc also includes the premiere recordings of Alan Bush's Like Rivers Flowing (1957) with sinuous lines, and Lidice (1947) commemorating the massacre in Lidice by the Nazis. The mood is hushed, the lines swirling: a secular Requiem."

"Another Gluepot regular was Arnold Bax. His I sing of a maiden (1923)  has charm, but is eclipsed by his Mater ora filium (1921) a substantial (11 minute) masterpiece based on William Byrd's five-part Mass, beefed up for as many as 16 parts, embellished by what Griffiths calls "prodigious extremes of range" (cloaked in) "luscious, late Romantic harmony in myriad different textures". The voices of the Londinium chamber choir rise to the task, their voices glowing "Amen, Amen". It's as if a stained glass window were bursting into song!'

Anne Ozorio, Classical Iconoclast (March 2018)

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