"Admirable clarity to Bax's richly layered textures" Planet Hugill

"Arnold Bax claimed that Mater ora filium was inspired by Byrd's Mass for five voices, but Bax's extravagant textures are well beyond anything that Byrd might write. It is a big, complex work and Andrew Griffiths takes a controlled and concentrated approach which brings admirable clarity to Bax's richly layered textures in a performance which flows well and never wallows.

Whilst Bax's Mater ora filium is well known, this disc is full of things that should be far better known. Andrew Griffiths and Londinium are to be congratulated for such an imaginative programme. And a challenging one, what we lack occasionally in technical perfection we gain in the group's spirit, commitment, complete engagement with the music and vibrant performances."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill (March 2018)

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